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Essay on impartial nature of indian judiciary

essay on impartial nature of indian judiciary

occasion to go to the High Court and therefore, if we want to inspire confidence in the common. Forty -Fourth Constitution Amendment Act omitted all these clauses and thus the powers which had been taken away from the court were given back. For this it is essential that a panel of judges should be prepared by a committee of jurists, academicians, politicians, etc., and all appointments by the President of the judges should be made out of that panel. The Supreme Court can also ask any High Court to refer a case to it which is lying before it or a court subordinate to it if the Attorney General of India makes an application to the Supreme Court, if question involves a question. Legal justice was synonymous with social justice, and it was natural enough that it should be appreciated very highly. Today the state undertakes many administrative services, and the contact of the average citizen with the state is far more frequent through its administrative than its judicial agencies. If the number of Judges is unduly increased, the Supreme Court will become like a glorified High Court with fragmented bench structures. But these so called champions of justice do not realize that there are large masses of people in the country who are entitled to justice and if they do not get it soon. It was thus not an unqualified support. It is true that the distinction between substantive law and procedure to a great extent is artificial. 10,000/- per month, whereas other judges are entitled to get a monthly salary. All reforms of procedure affect substantive rights but certainly they cannot improve the situation where the substantive right is of a dubious character.

By subsequent Act passed by Janata Government the provisions of these amended Articles of the constitution were nullified and powers were given back to the courts of law. Their main arguments are that the people of South are finding it very difficult and costly to go to Delhi for getting justice.

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There are not even proper court buildings at many places. They are intellectually still living in the first half of the 20th century or perhaps even the 19th century and cannot grow out of that mould. In order to california state university admissions essay save the judges from temptation of earning money and keeping away from the influence of executive it is essential that the judges should be made economically well-off. It has therefore become necessary to deal with the situation both promptly as also dexterously. Essay on the Problems of Supreme Court. Advertisements: As long as individual interest is preferred to general interest, both civil and criminal justice must remain inefficient and insufficient to a large extent. They are in a way civil servants and paid out of the public funds to which sovereign masses contribute. Essay Contents: Essay on Introduction to the Union Judiciary of India. Thirty-Ninth Constitution Amendment Act amended Articles 71 and 329 of the constitution which dealt with the disputed elections of the President, Vice-President, Speaker and Prime Minister of India.

Judiciary - the organisation for giving justice to the society, occupies a position of pre-eminence.
Justice is considered, as a logical requirement of any society for it is a part of human nature to expect.
The impact of the judicial process in social living has been clear and discernible; the common man has perhaps been able to see the benefit the.
The courts/judges have now to realize that its sacrosanct nature, its high pedestal, its power of contempt will not save it if they are not fair, impartial and honest.
The British set up the Indian judicial system as a copy of the British judicial system.

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